Content Creation

content marketingSimple to say, not so easy to do.

Content Creation; how can it be defined?

Well the answer to that of course, is simple, on the face of it. It’s creation of text, images, media for the use of an individual or company for the purposes of informing their customers or clients or indeed marketing their company or brand.

The thing that separates the men from the boys, so to speak; is the quality of that content.

This has for a long time been a really contentious subject, particularly around the internet where the ability to become published is really simple and therefore the ability to publish content that is, putting it kindly, absolute rubbish, is again quite simple to do.

When looking for a content marketing agency or supplier, businesses have to make a choice.

More often than not the choice always boils down to budget.

The business has to make a choice, and the budgetary choice often results in a choice between a good content provider, compared to a company that will normally produce copious amounts of text, most of which makes no sense at all, but is masqueraded as good quality articles.

It seems that more often than not, the old adage of you get what you pay for, seems to ring true here.

If you are looking for content for your web presence, you are likely to need good quality.

One has to remember that anything you have produced or is produced for your company is a reflection of that company, of the brand and of the message that is put out to the potential customers and clients of that business.

Far too often we see articles that make no sense, low quality images that are so obviously stock images that bear no relationship to the topic, to the message or to the brand.

The choice of partner when deciding who you would like to be your content creation partner, should boil down to a few other important considerations:

The agency need to understand your business, they need to understand that if it’s all about content then you need to be producing stuff that is engaging. You need to get your potential customers’ attention.

You need to get your customers engaged with your brand. After all the objective is to increase your market share.

The agency you use should be able to demonstrate the they have true insight into your brand your market, your customers and their wants. They need to be able to communicate just that. It has to be insightful, interesting, effective.

Anything less just wont cut the mustard and cheap becomes very expensive, as the cliché tells us!

Take the time to make the most important investment you can possibly make, for your online and offline business.


B2B Content Creation Tips

B2B content creation is very important these days. Search engines drive a lot of traffic for all types of businesses, and you need to benefit from this fact too. By writing the right content to the right people, your product or service will stand out of the crowd, and that´s very important for the future of your firm.

Creating Content

B2B Content Creation Tips

Becoming Selfless

You need to become a selfless individual in the B2B content creation world. You should think about what your readers care for and be 100% impartial. That´s the way you will become successful at this activity, and you should bear this fact in mind at all times. The result will be success in the long run. Since your nature is being selfish, you need to face this fact as much as you can. Since your readers only take care about their own concerns, you should put yourself inside the shoes of these readers quickly. Write content that answers the questions of your reader, and you will have the upper hand. Focusing your content on the reader will give you tons of benefits too.

Going Evergreen with Your Useful Content

Your content will gain traction year in and year out only if you write evergreen content. This will allow your traffic to grow over time, as your high quality content add up down the road. Search engines will reward your evergreen content and your traffic or your clients´ traffic will experience an increase over time. In addition, your readers will share your content on social networks, which will give you even more traffic.

Consistent Narrative Campaign

You should write a narrative campaign with all the consistency you can muster. For instance, you can write a series of posts about the past, present, and future of something. This will keep your readers waiting for more, and you will get even more traffic down the road. With a familiar, fluid format you r readers will be easily engaged, so you will be able to move them through your marketing funnel without much trouble. You can even develop a micro-site with an interactive narrative so you get tons of attention from your readers quickly.

Content Promotion

Thinking about how your content will be promoted as content promotion will be useful too. This is something you should think about as much as you can. Before writing your content, think about how you will promote it. And this should not be an afterthought in any way. You need an amplification of your content quickly. If you cannot promote your content effectively, you should not waste your time writing. Investing in the important participation marketing is always a good idea as well. Sharing your community´s wisdom in your content will always pay dividends in the future.

As you can see, B2B content creation is here to stay as it can give anyone a lot of benefits. These benefits include more traffic, better branding, more leads, and more sales. You should write a consistent narrative campaign and think about how you will promote your content as well.